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April 18, 2012

I attended the University Research & Entrepreneurship Symposium 2012 [URES] today in Cambridge, MA.  URES is hosted by Flybridge Capital Partners, Atlas Venture, General Catalyst Partners, Goodwin Procter, NCET2 and Microsoft New England Research and Development Center.  Very cool event.

First takeaway; this type of event doesn’t take place at home in the ‘ville.  But then, that’s kind of the point, isn’t it?  How many places are Boston?

Second takeaway; I’m in Boston, it’s 8:05 PM and I’m typing a blog while watching an NCIS marathon on USA.  Yes, I rock.

There were some interesting presentations.  I enjoyed the lunchtime panel discussion.

Plus, I was able to meet some people I only knew electronically and telephonically in person.  I still think it’s odd, kind of cool and a sign of the times when you recognize someone by their Twitter handle and profile pic.  It’s 2012.

Lunch panel takaways…  It’s a good idea to network life science deals early.  You need multiple, iterative contacts with investors and industry.  Not just for and when you need money, but to help “vet” the deal.  And, to learn what datapoints/milestones you’ll need to get to.  Stuff I would say I already knew and do (I joke with one of my colleagues that I have the most Temporary Restraining Orders in biotech.), but it’s always good to hear it from knowledgable people.  I guess I am a cyberstalker of sorts.  But a nice one.  For early stage stuff, “deal fatigue” isn’t really an issue.  Supported by the panel.  You have to get the word out.  And it always helps to listen and learn.  Networking, networking, networking.

Tomorrow, 2nd Diabetes Partnering and Deal Making, also here in Boston.  Hope there’s another NCIS marathon, too.


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